egg pudding recipe

Egg Pudding is delicious food. Pudding is made of a mixture of milk and eggs which is also very nutritious. The rules for making pudding are also simple. You can also make delicious food pudding at home with a little effort. Today I will show you an easy way to make pudding.
So today, we will make 500mg of pudding. We are going to make pudding (medium size Egg Pudding )

Ingredients for pudding:

  1. Half a liter of milk
  2. Four (4) eggs
  3. 5/6 tablespoons of sugar (you can give more if you like more sugar)
  4. Vanilla Essence (if any)
  5. Tiffin box or pudding bowl with lid

Prepare pudding milk:

To make the pudding, take 500 ml/half-liter of milk and boil it in a pot and add 300 ml or half the amount. Then you have to cool it down. Keep stirring the milk while cooling. As if the cream can not freeze. Do not waste milk by freezing the cream.

Pure cow’s milk is good, and if you can’t manage it, you can make pudding with pasteurized liquid milk from the market. Arang, Pran, Milk Vita milk are available in the market. (Egg Pudding)

Prepare pudding eggs:

It takes 3-4 eggs to make half a liter of milk pudding. Beat the eggs well in a bowl. Then continue to beat it with sugar for a while more. Mix well so that the white and yellow parts of the egg do not separate. (Egg Pudding)

Making a mixture of milk and eggs:

Now pour the cooled milk into the egg-sugar mixture and mix well. Remember that if you mix hot milk with the egg, but the egg will freeze immediately. Therefore, care should be taken so that the milk is not hot. If you want to give vanilla or other essences, you can add them here. It is not necessary at all to give. If you want to eat chemical-free, it is better not to give. Leave this mixture for the next step of making the pudding. (Egg Pudding)

Making caramel in a tiffin bowl:

You have to make caramel in the bowl in which you want to make pudding. It is better to have a steel tiffin bowl for making pudding. Sprinkle some sugar on the bottom of the tiffin bowl. Spread about one teaspoon of sugar in a bowl and put it in the oven with a teaspoon or two of water.

When the sugar will melt, the veins become red and will spread all over the bowl. Then remove from the oven and let the bowl cool. You will see that the melted sugar turns red and is mixed on the bottom surface of the bowl.

If you still do not understand how to make the caramel, see how to make the caramel: Rules for making caramel in an easy way

Put in the oven with a milk-egg mixture:

The work at this stage is a bit complicated for making pudding. But it is very easy to understand. The milk-egg mixture should be boiled in the hot heat. For this, you have to take a big pot or saucepan type pot. Place a pan stand right in the middle of the pot. Now fill the container with 1/4 part water. Now, pour the milk-egg mixture in a cold bowl with caramel and cover with a lid.

One thing to keep in mind is that the milk-egg mixture will freeze the pudding. It must store in the heat. So, it will heat by putting it in hot water.

Place the mixture filling the tiffin bowl on the stand. Now give water in such a way that it gets hot and does not fall into the tiffin bowl. If necessary, press the tiffin bowl with something heavy.

Now put the pan or saucepan that you are using in the oven. Cover the pan with a lid. This time light the fire. Press something heavy on the lid of the pot. As if steam could not escape. If you burn for 35-45 minutes, your pudding should be done.

Pudding deposit:

Before removing the pudding from the oven, make sure that the inside is properly checked. To do this, open the id lid of the tiffin bowl and place the thin stick in the pudding. Lighten the stick a little more when it gets wet. When done, take it down. Once the water has dried and the milk-egg mixture has frozen, the pudding will be done.

The last step of the pudding:

Then when the pudding bowl is a little cold, turn it upside down on a scattering plate. Gently lift the bowl. Do not rush or shake. That’s how the bowl will come up. When you lift the bowl, you will see that the caramel part of the pudding is on top.

Pudding serving:

The pudding tastes better when it is a little cold. So put the pudding in the fridge for a while before serving. This increases the taste of the pudding.

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